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"Navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape of modern Nigeria can be a daunting task for companies and executives."

With a strengthening union movement, economic and social changes, and evolving pension and benefits rules, potential HR pitfalls abound. That’s where our highly regarded employment and labor law team comes in.

We offer advisory services to Nigerian and international businesses, providing guidance to prevent costly litigation, avoid government investigation, minimize business disruption, and preserve your company’s reputation. Our strategic counsel covers virtually all aspects of Nigerian employment and labor law, from pensions and benefits to executive hiring and dismissals, complex discipline and grievance issues, and more.

Our goal is to help you stay ahead of the curve and navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence. We’ll work with you to develop policies, provide HR support, and offer litigation and arbitration services to ensure your business stays on track. Trust us to help you succeed in Nigeria’s dynamic business environment.