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"We pride ourselves on our ability to leverage our diverse expertise and understanding of environmental / Oil & Gas regulations to provide top-notch assistance to our Clients."

Our primary focus is on those in the energy and manufacturing sectors, where we help them mitigate environmental risks and secure the necessary licenses and permits to operate their businesses. Our team is well-versed in all aspects of environmental law, including health and safety regulations related to oil spills, pollution management, and operational compliance. We are committed to guiding our Clients through the complexities of environmental law, ensuring that they remain in compliance with all relevant regulations while minimizing their environmental impact.

Nigeria’s energy and infrastructure sectors are experiencing a surge in demand. This has resulted in an increase in new project investments, as well as the need to upgrade or replace outdated assets. The oil & gas industry, including both businesses and government players, face the challenge of navigating the complexities of conventional energy, transitioning to lower-carbon energy, and embracing renewable energy. Our legal team, with years of experience, is here to help public and private clients navigate the complexities of energy law.